dragon ball super episode 111 hit vs jiren

So, guys how are. I know that you are desperately waiting for Dragon Ball Super Episode 111. After one hour special episode of Dragon Ball Super, I honestly don’t know that will I survive to wait for the next one or not. I mean episode 109 and 110 were by far the best episodes in the history of Dragon Ball Super. Goku is really something.

Now coming to Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 spoilers. The plot is revealed and the previews is out. It will release next week on Sunday and you can watch the full episode here.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Spoilers

The title of Dbz super episode 111 is Hit vs Jiren. Now at the end of Goku and Jiren battle, Hit jumps into the battle against Jiren. Many assume that this is because Goku gets knock out by Jiren. But this is not the case. Goku actually lose out of stamina and power. Seeing this, Hit jumps in because he wants to pay his debt for Goku helping him against Dypso.

And Hit is a legendary assasin and the strongest warrior from universe 7, apart from helping Goku, hit could also have a desire on one on one combat with the strongest warrior Jiren. Initially, Hit takes some of Jiren attacks to study his movements and way of combat. This could lead to come with a better plan to match with Jiren. Hit uses time skip which seems to not work out. Although it is certain that Hit manages to lay some attacks on Jiren.

DBZ Super Episode 111 Preview

The next few Dragon Ball Super Episdoe 112, 113 and 114 could be hell of an interesting ones. I simply don’t know how i would manage to wait that long. And what they do release, you can watch with me. Just remember to type Dragonballzsuper.tv to watch the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

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