Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Subbed Online


This is dragon ball super episode 113 English subbed online. You can watch full episode here.

Episode Details

Title:      “With Great Joy! The Repeat Battle-Crazy Saiyan Fight!!”
Episode: 113
Saga:      Universe Survial
Season:  5

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 113, Goku is exhausted and tired. This seems to be the perfect chance for competitors to knock out a powerful opponent. Keeping this in mind, some universe 3 warriors together go after Goku who is at the moment weak. Seeing things, the female saiyan Kale from Universe 6 stops universe 3 warriors and save goku. After that he asks Goku to fight her. Goku accepts her offer and says that he is tired so he won’t be able to fight at full potential. But he will slowly regain his strength during the battle. Kale seems to be ok with that.

DBZ Super episode 113 is released on October 29. Full Episode is available below.


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