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Episode Description

Title:        “This Is All the Power I’ve Got! A Settlement Between”
Season:  1
Episode: 14
Saga:      God of Destruction Beerus

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 14 Dubbed Summary

Episode 14 of Dragon Ball Super featured the end of the Battle of Gods adventure as the battle amongst Goku and Beerus finds some conclusion.

Goodness, what a dangerous episode this was and a fitting end to what has been an epic battle amongst Goku and Beerus. Some may state the battle was better depicted in Battle of Gods, yet Dragon Ball Super still figured out how to make things somewhat more energising as well.

As we cleared out off a week ago, Beerus is battling Goku in his Super Saiyan frame up in space. The two are grinding away truly hard, and they advance down to Earth and even battle submerged. The activity in an initial couple of minutes is energising and is executed truly well. It’s keeping pace with the past episodes.

After that, the combined is up in space once more. In any case, Goku’s vitality is spent, and we see him in his base shape with dark hair. The fight gives off an impression of being over as Beerus easily flicks Goku’s head as he tumbles down back to Earth.

Notwithstanding, Goku never surrenders. He figures out how to discover the quality to get move down and comes back to battle Beerus as a Super Saiyan. There’s somewhat entertaining scene with Beerus as he’s truly stunned Goku is as yet eager to battle. His sharp voice made me laugh hysterically.

The battle closes when Goku conveys a Kamehameha and Beerus utilises one of his neutron bombs. The enormous blast transforms into a capable red hot ball that is making a beeline for the Earth. Beerus is truly solid here because he can build the span of the ball essentially by clicking his fingers.

Toward the end of the episode, we see Goku eating heaps of sustenance, and everybody realises that the battle is over. Monster Ball Super attempted its best to recreate the “That is My Bulma” scene from Battle of Gods, yet it isn’t as interesting, unfortunately. The fight is over, and the everyone seems relaxed.

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