Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 15 Subbed Online


Title: “Make a Miracle, Satan the Hero! A Challenge from Outer Space”

This is Dragon Ball Super Episode 15. After finishing the epic Battle of Gods adventure a week ago, Dragon Ball Super makes a stride back this week for an amusing carefree scene where Hercule Satan becomes the dominant focal point.

The colossal thing I loved about this episode is that it had new material. This is something we have not seen before since the past episodes have all been only a retelling of the Battle of Gods film. This is something crisp and clever.

We get a look at what life resemble for Gohan and Videl. The two are living in their new home and Gohan is doing the majority of the errands now that Videl is pregnant.

In the event that there is one thing I need to state, it’s that I miss the feisty wrongdoing battling mentality that Gohan and Videl used to have in Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta makes a short cameo in this scene as well. He’s simply gazing up in space like continually thinking about how he can turn into a Super Saiyan God like Goku did. He will have more concentration in one week from now’s Dragon Ball Super episode.

Dragon ball super Episode 15 was for the most part centered on Hercule Satan. The media and overall population needed to realize what was going on of late. Hercule Satan lies at the end of the day and tells everybody that he was locked in with a savage fight with Beerus up in space.

Hercule says he needed to wind up distinctly a blonde Super Saiyan with a specific end goal to overcome Beerus. It was an epic fight and that is the reason the general population of Earth felt the greater part of the delayed repercussions of the battle. We know as the gathering of people that Goku was the fundamental legend.

This Dragon Ball Super Episode 15 was truly pleasant and I thought the cleverness was just about right. The whole episode was centered on Hercule and that was something new and enjoyable.

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