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Title: “Hope!! Once More Awaken in the Present, Trunks”

Dragon Ball Super episode 48 commenced the Future Trunks adventure and it was one of the most famous episodes to date. Episode 48 begins at the latest relevant point of interest, and Trunks is as yet grieving the loss of Mai and his mom Bulma.

To recap somewhat, Black Goku is basically the most shrewdness character in Dragon Ball Super till date. Did he execute off Future Bulma, as well as Future Mai is dead as well. Trunks is irate now lastly transforms into a Super Saiyan to commence episode 48.

While Black Goku is battling Future Trunks, he continues saying that he needs to put a conclusion to the Saiyan race. This is an intriguing point since this may imply that Black Goku is not a genuine Saiyan. On the off chance that he was, the reason would he need to make his own race wiped out? Anyway, Future Trunks utilizes a laser impact to escape from Black Goku.

As Future Trunks backtracks to the research facility, he starts up the time machine. Dark Goku is close behind yet fortunately Future Trunks can escape in time. Presently Future Trunks can get to the present.

The episode bounced back to the present and we see Kid Trunks in school. In a similar classroom as him is Pilaf, Mai and Shu. The time machine shows up and Future Trunks is sheltered, however depleted. Kid Trunks ponders what the hell is going ahead as he sees his more seasoned self within the time machine. Bulma is called to drop by and she knows it’s Trunks as it has the “trust” image on the time machine.

Pilaf takes a gander at the Time Machine and monstrosities out suspecting that Future Trunks is the more established sibling to the child form. Kid Trunks doesn’t comprehend what to think now since no one informed him regarding his future self going to their course of events to caution about the androids. Kid Trunks blows a gasket that he has an indistinguishable name from him, however Pilaf thinks Bulma is inept for calling her children a similar name.

Overall, the episode was pretty good but it was slow and had not much story. Thats it Like us on Facebook

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