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Title: “Goku Vs Black! The Closed Path to the Future”

The Future Trunks adventure is currently going all out in Dragon Ball Super and episode 49 finished with a blast. Black Goku figured out how to battle the genuine Goku. Dragon Ball Super episode 50 did not disillusion as the two battled for the first run through.

Prior to the battle really starts, there is something fascinating about Black Goku’s unique ring. It is a kind of ring that empowers him to go through time and Whis sees this as well.

Black Goku basically perceives who the genuine Goku is; in addition to he knows Beerus and Vegeta. Since in Future Trunks’ timetable Goku and Vegeta are dead, this is an indication that Black Goku may be from an alternate day and age.

Trunks needs to battle him, however Vegeta says he’s not sufficiently solid. The genuine Goku then takes off to face his impostor himself. Black Goku says to Goku that it’s a respect to battle you inside this body. This could be a hypothesis that Black Goku is not Goku or anyone we know. It must be some kind of various characters that is capable of taking different bodies.

Bulma returns and she has a Time Machine, however it needs settling. She took a few to get back some composure of the Time Machine that Cell came in. In the event that you recollect effectively, the Cell that the Z warriors battled originated from the future and in addition he went to the past to wind up “great”. She kept it within a case the majority of this time.

There is a cliffhanger toward the finish of Dragon Ball Super scene 50 as we get a look at the future once more. Things being what they are Future Mai is still alive. This is uplifting news for Future Trunks, in spite of the fact that he needs to pick up the pace since Black Goku is on the warpath.

All in all, Dragon Ball Super episode 50 is superb. In addition to the fact that it was extraordinary to see Goku battling Black Goku, yet we additionally got more points of interest on the character of the new scoundrel. It was additionally extraordinary to see that Mai is still alive as well! One week from now is the 51st episode and it has returned to the future once more. That’s all, like us on Facebook.

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