Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 6 Subbed Online


Episode Title: “Don’t Anger the God of Destruction! Excitement at the Birthday Party”

In the beginning of the Dragon Ball z Super season, we have been acquainted with Beerus as a planet destruction God. In the past episode, he figured out how to beat Goku in only two hits.

Here in this Dragon Ball Super Episode 6 Eng Sub, we see a greater amount of his malevolent side toward the start. He goes up against Vegeta amid Bulma’s gathering and deadens him. We then get a flashback of Beerus debilitating Vegeta’s dad previously.

Beerus is an intriguing character since he has touchiness and gets agitated with the littlest things. Vegeta’s dad ignored him by taking the most agreeable pad in the Universe. Beerus needed that pad and is rebuffing Vegeta’s father for taking it for himself.

Vegeta as a child sees this and gets frantic. Nonetheless, the child adaptation gets incapacitated also and we perceive how effective Beerus truly is. He has the ability to incapacitate individuals just with his brain.

Bulma sees Beerus and Whis and welcomes them to the gathering. She supposes they are Vegeta’s “companions”. Vegeta then again needs to keep his cool and make Beerus cheerful. He knows the planet is doomed if Beerus gets furious.

There were a couple of clever minutes where you think Beerus will get distraught. In any case, he cherished the fricasseed octopus balls that Krillin offered him. He additionally didn’t appear to be excessively frantic when Yamcha slapped him on back in a “brother” sort of way.

Beerus’ touchiness shows signs of improvement until Trunks and Goten incidentally squirt him in the face with water. This was sufficient to outrage him, however Vegeta rushed to mediate. He slaughtered an octopus and turned into a chef incidentally to make a greater amount of the yummy seared octopus balls that Beerus and Whis adored. So that’s all for Dragon Ball Super Episode 6. Share your comments below.

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