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Dragon Ball Super Episode 75: “Goku And Krillin Back To The Old Training Grounds”

This is Dragonball super episode 75 you are watching. It is a full episode with English subtitles. The episode is good but not that interesting. A redditor Travyplx says that;

“This episode was a little less enjoyable than the other slice of life episodes we have gotten as of late, mostly because I feel like they were ragging on my man Krillin. However, the next one will be great!

The most important part of this episode is the fact that Krillin got injured as a result of a bullet. At long last we can put to rest the argument that kid Goku could beat Mr. Satan in a fight because kid Goku could take a bullet and Mr. Satan cannot. Krillin cannot take a bullet despite his obviously high power level.”

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