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Title: “Universe 9’s Basil the Kicker vs Universe 7’s Majin Buu!!”

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Here is the whole summary of Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Subbed.,
Basil quickly gains the upper hand and beats down Majin Buu, who is not taking the fight seriously and thinks of it as a game. Goku goads Basil into showing his full power to get Majin Buu’s attention, which leads to Basil using his ultimate attack. As the Supreme Kai of Universe 9 claims victory, Majin Buu emerges with a hole in his stomach, but he is otherwise unmoved. Basil and the Supreme Kai of Universe 9 are shocked to see this. Mr. Satan is injured during the attack. He tells Majin Buu to beat Basil before falling unconscious. This enrages Majin Buu to the point where he effortlessly beats Basil and knocks him out of the ring. However, since neither Zenō-sama is satisfied with the fight, Basil is allowed to get back into the ring. The Supreme Kai from Universe 9 gives Basil a drug that makes him far more powerful. Although Beerus demands that Basil is disqualified for obvious cheating, Zenō-sama is entertained by this and allows the fight to continue. The Grand Priest announces that the rules will be improvised as tournament goes along. Basil overpowers Majin Buu and seemingly beats him, which causes the Supreme Kai to prematurely gloat about the superiority of Universe 9. However, Majin Buu emerges unscathed and launches a full power attack at Basil. This knocks him out and clinches Universe 7 the victory. As the Universe 9 team laments Basil’s loss, Lavender says that if he had been allowed to kill his opponent then he would have won. Gohan volunteers to fight next. His opponent, Lavender (ラベンダ Rabenda), Basil’s brother who is also a humanoid canine, enters the fray.

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