Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Subbed Online


    Title: “Gohan and Piccolo – Teacher and Pupil Clash in Max Training!”

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 subbed is out. You can watch the full episodes here. In this episode Ghan and piccolo engage in extreme training. Piccolo explains that goku has already knowledgeable him about the potential destruction of the universe and that he is going to take part in the tournament of power. he factors out that gohan’s over-eagerness to protect his loved ones is making him reckless.

    The 2 retain to spar. In the meantime, cabba heads to the house of his retired captain and mentor, renso. cabba asks him to enroll in universe 6’s group for the match of energy, however renso refuses due to an injury to his leg. he shows his sister caulifla as a substitute, who he claims is even stronger than him. back on this planet, piccolo explains that gohan has a tendency to become arrogant when he has the advantage in battle. he eliminates his weighted training garments to move all out, and gohan manages to reach the mystic shape he used in opposition to outstanding buu. t

    The two battle once more, and gohan efficiently severs piccolo’s arm. However, piccolo blasts him within the back with the severed arm, defeating him and proving piccolo’s factor about gohan’s overconfidence. That night time, piccolo vows to push gohan to new heights of power, and the 2 agree to work on mixture actions.

    In short, picolo trains gohan and makes him to be more powerfull. Picolo does his best to awaken the hidden power within gohan to reach the new immense level of heights. As Gohan is always the student of picolo, they both have the perfect rythym of training with each other. You can now watch the full dragon ball super episode 88 for yourself. Like us on Facebook and subscribe to watch new episodes every week.

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