Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 Subbed Online


Title: The pact between Goku and Frieza: The trap of Universe 4.

This is Dragon Ball Super Episode 95. Full episode will be here shortly. Subscribe to get the update.

In previous Dragon Ball Super Episode we saw how Quitela and Sidra planned their attack against Universe 7. Quitella told Sidra that Universe 7 is teaming up with Frieza which was not good for them. So, they made a plan to assassinate Goku and Frieza. At the end of the episode, when Goku and Frieza were about to leave, an army of assassins confronted them, and Frieza transformed into his Golden form to fight them.

Presently, in Dragon Ball Super episode 95, along with Goku, Frieza will battle the armed force of professional killers in his Golden from. We as a whole know about the way that both of them are the ultimate warriors Goku being a kind hearted and Frieza being ruthless. So the professional killers will most presumably fail in their arrangement. Likewise, in the following scene, the Omni-Kings will show up as the field for the Tournament of Power will be finished.


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